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Our available fabrics:

Organic Linen
Organic Cotton

We also have various other fabrics not listed above, like Pima Cotton, Soy and Silk.
and we create customised fabrics fitting your excact specifications, for intance mixing natural fabrics with with synthetic fabrics like Modal, Lycra etc. to give them new characteristics.

Use the bar on the right to request fabric swatches/samples or send email.

Contrary to popular belief, not all wool is rough and itchy. There are many different breeds of sheep, each with their own characteristics. Some wools are better suited for rugs and others for fine lace.

MKF-701 600g/m2 100% wool MKF-702 32s/2 boiled wool MKF-705 58s/2 wool MKF-706 190g/m2 pre-shrink wool

Sheep's wool is classed by its thickness or diameter in microns (1 micron=1/1000 millimetre), by the amount of crimp it has (how wavy it is), by the length of staple (how long the fibers are) and by its lustre or shine. Crimp is a natural and permanent feature of the wool. It doesn't wash out; rather it is restored when the wool fibers relax in water and it gives the wool yarn its loft and bounce. So a crimpier fiber will produce a yarn that is more springy and lively.



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